Panamax Power 360 - 6 Outlet


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Surge Protector Panamax Power 360 - 6 Outlet Best in class protection with our over/under voltage protection technology - the best protection ever available at this price point! Convenient & innovative removable USB chargers that can be tethered to your desktop. Circle of Protection indicator offers peace of mind at a glance with protection, voltage and wiring status lights.
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SPECIFICATIONS AC Surge Protection Voltage 120 Vac Undervoltage Shutoff 95 Vac ± 5 Vac UL 1449 VPR (pending UL) 500 V Overvoltage Shutoff 140 Vac ± 7 Vac Nominal Discharge Current 3 kA Energy Dissipation 1080 Joules Current 15 A Telephone Protection Connectors RJ-11 (6P2C) Clamping Voltage 300V USB Charging Removable Modules 1 module Ports 2 USB Type A Output Voltage 5.0 VDC ± 0.5 VDC Output Current, total 2.1 A max Coaxial Protection Insertion Loss <0.5dB @ 300 kHz-2.4 GHz Connectors Type-F Clamping Voltage 75 VDC Specifications subject to change due to product upgrades and improvements. FEATURES BEST IN CLASS PROTECTION WITH PROTECT-OR-DISCONNECT + SMARTGUARD ACTIVE OVER/UNDER VOLTAGE MONITORING DETACHABLE USB MODULE TETHERS TO P360-6 FOR CONVENIENT USB CHARGING ON TABLE OR DESKTOP (6' CABLE INCLUDED) "CIRCLE OF PROTECTION" DISPLAYS PROTECTION, WIRING, AND VOLTAGE STATUS 1 HIGH CAPACITY USB MODULE (2 USB PORTS TOTAL) 6 AC OUTLETS COAX AND TELCO SURGE PROTECTION